Welcome to the Florida Academy of Anesthesiologist Assistants

Since 2008, the FAAA has become the leading organization for certified anesthesiologist assistants and anesthesiologist assistant students within the state of Florida. Through our charter with the American Academy of Anesthesiologist Assistants, we stand to provide up-to-date news and current information to all of our constituents. As the primary body dedicated to CAA practice in the state, our goal is to maintain practice rights, encourage growth, expand practice locations, and secure our profession's future.


Membership in FAAA is critical to the success of CAAs in the state of Florida. FAAA provides support and advocacy to all of the CAAs it represents. Students, practicing CAAs, and physicians are all welcome to apply for membership. 

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Legislative Fund

Professional advocacy doesn't come cheap. Fees for attorneys, lobbyists, and advisors that are employed by FAAA to help accomplish our mission are paid from the FAAA legislative fund. This fund relies completely on voluntary donations from FAAA members. 

Without your continued support, FAAA would not be able to protect CAA practice in Florida. We gratefully welcome all contributions, no matter the amount. Please give today.

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