Perioperative Aspiration
Lee Bannister, MD

Friday, Feb. 4
9:30 AM

Session Description:

We begin by discussing statistics related to perioperative aspiration as well as a recent closed-claims analysis. Identification of patients at highest risk and mitigation strategies are then discussed. We then provide a brief review of the immediate management of identified or suspected aspiration as well as triage for post-procedural care. The presentation closes with some controversial topics as well as emerging trends and strategies that challenge established recommendations and may provide insight into how we approach perioperative aspiration moving forward.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the impact of perioperative aspiration as an anesthetic complication in both medical and financial contexts
  2. Identify the most common risk factors for perioperative aspiration as well as strategies to mitigate these risks
  3. Describe both immediate and delayed management of diagnosed aspiration
  4. Discuss controversial topics in the prevention and management of perioperative aspiration
  5. Discuss emerging perioperative trends and strategies as they pertain to perioperative aspiration
Lee Bannister, MD has no financial relationships to disclose. He will not discuss products which he had a role in developing. He will not include a discussion of off label uses of commercial products and/or unapproved investigational use of any product.

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