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Essentials of Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia Workshop – Hands On Workshop
Mark Leonard, CAA, AA, NSU

Friday, Feb. 4
8:30 AM

Session Description:

The essentials of ultrasound workshop is a fast way for beginners to learn ultrasound-guided nerve blocks and vascular access. Expect to be able to advance from “0” to competency. This workshop will help develop skills to operate ultrasound machines, optimize the image, and therefore apply new skills in common clinical applications. You will acquire needle-eye coordination in a 2 hour, small group, hands on setting. Workshop courses are limited in participants/session.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how to operate an ultrasound machine in a point-of-care environment
  2. Control key image adjustments for optimal success
  3. Recognize the ultrasound appearance of nerves, fasciae and blood vessels
  4. Demonstrate skills to guide the needle in-plane and out-of-plane with confidence
  5. Understanding ultrasound imaging
  6. Understand needle approach techniques

Mark Leonard, CAA, AA, has financial interest/relationships in the form of Consultant: GE Ultrasound and Pajunk; Director: Block GuRU.  He will not discuss products which he had a role in developing. He will not include a discussion of off label uses of commercial products and/or unapproved investigational use of any product.

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