What is the Niche that Regional Anesthesia Fills During this Opioid Epidemic?
Linda Le-Wendling, MD - University of Florida

Saturday, Feb. 5
9:00 AM

Session Description:

Since the Opioid Epidemic has been recognized in the United States as a health crisis, there have been attempts to incorporate multimodal analgesia into the practice of acute pain management. However, analgesic cocktails have been heterogeneous, based on practitioner experience, and not entirely benign. Regional anesthesia is a powerful tool for pain management but has its limitations. I will discuss the different types of regional anesthetics (neuraxial, paravertebral, perineural and fascial plane blocks) in order for the audience to better understand their benefits, side effects, complications, and limitations.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review current opioid epidemic
  2. Learn what are the pros and cons of different regional techniques
  3. Provide an algorithm for the implementation of multimodal analgesia into practice

Linda Le-Wendling, MD has no financial relationships to disclose. She will not discuss products which she had a role in developing. She will not include a discussion of off label uses of commercial products and/or unapproved investigational use of any product.

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