Perioperative Safety
Jonathan B. Cohen MD, MS, FASA - Moffitt Cancer Center

Sunday, Feb. 6
8:00 AM

Session Description:

The safety journeys of many industries has become asymptotic, and healthcare is no exception. In order to continue our progress on the way to zero patients harmed, we must change our approach. This talk will identify the pitfalls of current strategies and suggest directions for the future of safety in anesthesia, including the impact of psychological safety on culture.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify high-risk entities in medicine and incorporate strategies to improve patient safety
  2. Develop strategies to reduce risk to the patient and the provider
  3. Explain the pitfalls of common safety strategies
  4. Recognize the impact that psychological safety has on the elements of safety culture
Jonathan B. Cohen MD, MS, FASA has no financial relationships to disclose. He will not discuss products which he had a role in developing. He will not include a discussion of off label uses of commercial products and/or unapproved investigational use of any product.

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